How to get Rich by Being Nice

  It was around 6PM on a Friday. The sun was setting and I was getting ready for a long, lazy weekend. That’s when I got the call. A call that would lead to a cup of coffee worth $1.000.

Shiny Object Syndrome

I have to make a confession. It’s part of my 5 step program. Here it goes: My name is Bogdan and I’m suffering from Shiny Object Syndrome

The Golden Tail

  A few weeks ago I witnessed a small miracle – sitting on my couch, in boxer shorts, drinking coffee. I started my day like any other Sunday, with no indication of what was about to happen. I woke up, showered, made coffee, and took the little one in the living room so my wife …

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30 Lessons in 30 Years

One month ago I turned 30. And it was weird. It’s the first decade nobody really welcomes. Just think about it. When you turn 10, it’s a big deal. Double digits baby! You’re big enough to know how to trick your parents, but not old enough for any real punishment. Then you turn 20. Still …

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How to NOT let Your Baby Drive you Crazy

You know the sound someone makes when you’re peeling their skin off with glowing-hot pliers? You probably don’t. But imagine the kind of desperate cry someone would produce if found in such an unfortunate situation. That’s the sound I woke up to.

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