This blog will show you how to optimize your life.

It is not for those who sit and wonder why they are unlucky. It’s not for people who constantly ask themselves why life didn’t offer them better opportunities. And it’s not for those who are afraid to try new things to achieve their dreams.

This blog is for people who want more from life. More wisdom, more time, more power. It’s for those of you who are willing to go the extra mile, do that extra pushup or work late one more time to reach that goal you’ve been dreaming of.

And I’m here to say you don’t have to!

You don’t have to study more if you want to learn more. You don’t have to spend more time to complete those complex projects on your to-do list. And you definitely don’t have to hit the gym more often to get in better shape.

But how else can you do it? By optimizing your life. I will teach you the best hacks to jumpstart your brain, make more time in your life and get the body you want. Why should you believe me? You can read who I am, how optimization has helped me and why you should try it in the About section.

Why the passion for optimization? Because deep down I’m a lazy person. My motto is Pigritia est mater efficientiam or  Laziness is the Mother of Efficiency. But I also hate things done half-heartedly or left incomplete. So I’m constantly looking for quick and simple ways to reach my goals faster and better. The aim is maximum output with minimum effort. Every day I’m discovering new ways to live more efficiently. And after trying them out, I write the best tips and tricks here so you can apply them too.

Make your life bigger, better and more efficient.

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