Are you ready to finally start improving your life?

If you want to go beyond reading articles, studying techniques, and downloading apps, then you’re in the right place

We’re the people who got tired of endless scrolling and funny cat videos

We believe that learning doesn’t stop once you finish school

We feel life is too short to accept stagnation and the status quo

If you feel the same, you’ve just found your tribe

If you want to go fast, go alone;

but if you want to go far, go together

Who we are

We’re the people who want more than our surroundings can offer — more ideas, more connection, more smart people.

We favor books over sitcoms, provocative ideas over small talk, and generosity over profit.

Our strength lies not in numbers, but in our eagerness to help others grow, and our willingness to put in the work. Bit by bit, day by day, we work on becoming better.

Better thinkers, better doers, better humans.

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.

Henry Ford

How we live

WE LEARN. Our interests range from agriculture to programming, from philosophy to rock climbing, and everything in between. We share plans and ideas, successes and failures. We offer advice, support, and motivation.

WE LOVE. This community is a labor of generosity, built on the kindness of its members. On connections across the globe. On defying distance and time zones and pandemics. It’s proof we humans can do better.

WE CONQUER. We’re here to challenge our barriers. To crush our limiting beliefs. To overcome our fears and leave our comfort zones. It’s scary and hard and rough. But it’s a lot less so if we do it together.

Learning is not attained by chance. It must be sought for with ardor and attended with diligence.

Abigail Adams

How we train

Learning and growing require a fit mind, a healthy body, and unyielding perseverance. That’s why we work on all three.

We’ve designed a system to help us improve. Every week we work on a different attribute to keep us moving forward.

We keep ourselves accountable and make sure we stay on track. When one of us falls, the others pick him/her up.

We couldn’t find the right space to train, so we built one.

The great aim of education is not knowledge but action.

Herbert Spencer

If you’re ready to put your knowledge into action, we would love to have you join us

The first 14 days are free. After that, it costs as much as 2 beers on a Friday night. It’s 9.99 €/month. And if you can’t afford it, send me an email. We can figure something out.

Here’s what some of our members have to say

I’m a little fed up with just surrounding myself with people by my side. This kind of community is awesome to be able to share moments with people all over the world! — Francisco

Thanks to the group I got motivated to do weight training in the evening 💪💪 — Atul

A place for helpful tips on topics ranging from programming to family life — Adelina

I belong to a third world country. I’ve always had a sense of loneliness, that nobody shares similarities and interests with me. I was following some authors, bloggers and youtubers, but never had contact with people who shared the same values, ideas and thoughts on all aspects of life.
Being a part of this community, I feel I have my own people, who share similarities and care for each other.
I feel less lonely now because of it. If someone in here offers a suggestion or advice, I feel as though it is in my best interest and it becomes easy to follow. Believe me, I’m doing far better than before. — Faisal

I found a group of people I like to discuss interesting articles, videos, podcasts, ideas, audiobooks that I come across in my everyday life. It’s like having the luxury of a curated group that add to your ideas and thoughts and challenge them at the same time. Like a wise uncle you’d run to for advice, but it’s not an uncle, it’s a group of smart, open-minded people from all over the world. — Iulia

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