About me

Hi, I’m Bogdan Marincu – millennial father, husband, and the creator of Optimize My Life.

I’m also a man on a mission: to improve lives through optimization.

Why we all need life optimization

We’re living in a world full of distractions. In all the history of mankind, we have never experienced such abundance as we do today. On every street corner, bus stop or gas station we are flooded with ads telling us what we need to buy to be happier, healthier, and better looking. We can choose what type of food we eat, where we want to work or how we spend our free time.

No, let me rephrase this: we HAVE to choose one of these options, out of dozens or hundreds. This overflow of possibilities and information is presented as “freedom of choice”. But instead of liberating us, more often it overloads our brains.

For centuries, our ancestors had to make only binary decisions: Fight or flight? Do I try to kill it or will it kill me? Is this mushroom poisonous or safe to eat?

But in the last decades, we have seen an explosion of options, resulting in endless possibilities. We’re now living in a world where human knowledge is doubling every year. Science and technology are evolving at increasing pace, while our brains and bodies are struggling to keep up. Our brains are fascinating organs with huge processing power. But they haven’t evolved to make hundreds or thousands of split-second decisions every day AND pick the best option each time.

Is this what causes the increasing number of mental burnouts? It’s probably not the only cause, but I think it’s playing an important role.

Just picture your typical shopping experience. Which of the five brands of milk should you buy? Should you choose the lactose-free, the organic or the thermally treated one? Will the low-fat milk help you lose weight or will it just make you hungry faster and increase you snack cravings?

All of these things are going through your head every time you go shopping, whether you’re aware of them or not. And that was just the milk, wait till you get to the shampoo!

I know how you feel.

Each one of these small decisions we have to make every day costs mental energy. And the higher the stakes, the greater the cost. Remember how long it took you to pick the next vacation spot? How about that time you decided to switch jobs or move to a new place? Wouldn’t it be easier if you had a system or a recipe to help you make all these decisions?

This is where I come in.

Why you should trust me

I’m an MD with a background in biophysics and neuroscience. And I’ve been experimenting with life optimization for more than 10 years.

Optimizing my study methods enabled me to finish med school among the top 10% while tutoring, authoring a scientific article and a textbook, and giving presentations at international congresses on the side.

Time optimization helped me work two jobs and have (mostly) stable, long-term relationships all through university.

By optimizing my eating habits and workouts I managed to lose 10 kg (22 pounds) in a year and have a friend call me Captain America after seeing me naked. During my PhD I optimized spendings so my wife and I could live on half a salary in the most expensive city in Germany. And this is just part of the story.

I’m constantly experimenting with new methods for life optimization. I read dozens of articles every week and use my scientific training to sort through all the humdrum out there. I research each topic thoroughly, gather scientific evidence, and review medical data before trying anything out.

Then I write about it here so you can optimize your life too.

What motivates me?

I believe that we can all benefit from more time, more money, and more mental energy. It will help us focus on what we really want to do, not what we have to do. And if my tips improve the lives of just a few people reading this blog, then it was all worth it.

Contact me

Want me to explore a specific lifehack? Do you have questions, tips, or interesting bits about life optimization? Or do you just want to tell me your opinion about something I wrote?

Contact me directly by clicking here.

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