Wednesday Wisdom

Short bits of wisdom to get you through the week

Why You Should NOT Optimize Your Life

Reading Time: 5 minutes Should you optimize your life or not? When is this a wise choice and when can it lead to sleepless nights and unproductive days? I answer it all in this article

Humility, a skull, and a medical book

How Humility Helped One Man Save Millions of Mothers

Reading Time: 5 minutes Let me tell you a story. It’s one about witts, humility, and the rise against authority. It also features the deadliest plague you’ve never heard of. And, best of all, it’s a true story from which we can all learn something. So grab your top hats and strap your corsets, ‘cause we’re going back in time.

intensity vs consistency

Intensity vs. Consistency: Why Kurt Cobain Was Wrong and How to Achieve Greatness

Reading Time: 3 minutes If given the choice, would you prefer intensity or consistency? Don’t try to weasel yourself out of this by giving me the “it depends” answer. Here, I’ll make it easy for you. A magician pops out in front of you. In his left hand he’s holding a red pill labeled Intensity and in his right …

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gratitude expressed through a gift

How Gratitude Changed my Life and my Marriage

Reading Time: 3 minutes It’s hard, I know. And most of the time you don’t feel like doing it — I know that too. How? Because I’m struggling with this myself. But I’ve seen the benefits and they’re undeniable. It’s totally worth adding this to your life, even if it will take some effort.

The Golden Tail

Reading Time: 3 minutes A few weeks ago I witnessed a small miracle – sitting on my couch, in boxer shorts, drinking coffee. I started my day like any other Sunday, with no indication of what was about to happen. I woke up, showered, made coffee, and took the little one in the living room so my wife could …

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30 Lessons in 30 Years

Reading Time: 3 minutes One month ago I turned 30. And it was weird. It’s the first decade nobody really welcomes. Just think about it. When you turn 10, it’s a big deal. Double digits baby! You’re big enough to know how to trick your parents, but not old enough for any real punishment. Then you turn 20. Still …

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