Congratulations! You’ve found the portal to our tribe. Which means you’ve come further than 99% of the population. Just one more step and you’re in. Are you ready?

What is the Tribe?

We’re a close-knit community of ambitious people. Our strength lies not in numbers, but in our belief that day by day, we can become better. Better thinkers, better doers, better humans.

We believe that learning doesn’t stop when you finish school. And growing doesn’t stop when you’re 18. Just like life doesn’t end when you’re 50. Growing and improving is an attitude, it’s a lifestyle. And it’s one we live by.

We dream of climbing mountains, writing books, and pursuing goals. Of breaking personal records and overcoming limiting beliefs. Of a life worth living.

We’re afraid of stagnation, of being alive-dead, and not improving or moving forward.

We refuse to let life drift by. So we built this tribe to help us stay on track.

We don’t care where you live, what your job is, or how old you are. Are you thirsty, are you passionate, are you generous? Are you interested in getting to the next level? Then you’ve found your tribe.

What will you find inside?

A group of like-minded people. If anything you read above sounds like you, you’re one of us.

Accountability – We know how hard it can be to stay on the path, so we’re here to keep each other accountable. To make sure we all show up and put in the work. Day by day, we move forward. Together.

Support – We all have our ups and downs. And sometimes the lows can last for quite a while. That’s when you need a tribe. We offer one-on-one mentorship to help each other get back up and move forward. One step at a time.

Community – We have a monthly group call, where we talk about our plans, our problems, our dreams, and anything else you would discuss with friends over coffee. I also host an Ask-Me-Anything session and take suggestions for new blog posts.

Insider Circle – I write a monthly email that goes out only to tribe members. In it, I discuss an uncommon idea that I’ve been pondering lately. I may also present any new widgets or gimmicks that have improved my life lately.

Who is it NOT for?

People comfortable with their current life. People who don’t want to improve and grow. People who think, “I guess this is it. I’ve gotten this far, I don’t believe things can get any better”.

If this sounds like you, don’t bother. You won’t like it inside our small group.

How much does it cost?

About as much as a bagel. Or a beer. Or a large coffee at Starbucks. It’s 5€/month. If that’s too much, then you’re not committed enough. Maybe come back later. Or buy fewer bagels.

Why isn’t it free?

I’ve published around 50 blog posts and guides that are all freely available, including my Life Optimization Crash Course. And I will keep publishing stuff for free. But this tribe isn’t my work. It’s a community. So before you join, I need to know you’re committed.

All the profits from the membership fee go to charity. You can cancel at any time. And if you can’t afford 5€/month write me an email, we can figure something out.

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