Wednesday Wisdom

baby feet

5 Surprising Things you can Learn From a Newborn

Reading Time: 3 minutes Last week our family got a bit bigger and a lot louder. Our beautiful little daughter entered this strange world and our lives changed forever. At 2.2 kg and 45 cm she is quite literally a tiny bundle of joy. Everybody says having a baby changes you. And it does. It actually changes everything and …

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4 Little Words That Will Change Your Life

Reading Time: 3 minutes   On a cold winter evening, as the wind was howling outside, Tom, Mina, and Charles gathered around the dinner table. It was a rare occasion that Tom had come home earlier to enjoy supper with his family. But as they finished eating, a man burst into their home. Breathing heavily, his eyes were desperately …

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soldier struggling in mud race

life race

Reading Time: 2 minutes Imagine you’re in a race with 500 million other people. It’s cold, dark and damp. Everybody is pushing and shoving to get ahead. Men and women of different ages are running next to you, struggling to get to the finish line first. The rules of the game are simple: the winner gets to live, everyone …

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