Why You Should NOT Optimize Your Life

Reading Time: 5 minutes Should you optimize your life or not? When is this a wise choice and when can it lead to sleepless nights and unproductive days? I answer it all in this article

In a World Obsessed by Results Have the Courage to Pause

tired man looking overworked

Reading Time: 4 minutes It took me over 30 years to be able to write these words. My bet is that you need to hear them too. And if you’re anything like me, reading them won’t be enough. You need to feel them — let them flow through your veins and own them.

How to Stop Dreaming and Finally Start Doing

Reading Time: 5 minutes A productivity guide written by a master procrastinator. It takes about 5 minutes to read. And if I’m right, this will be the last productivity article you will ever have to read.